As essential as having a safe place to park your vehicle is, our metal carports can do much more. If you are just looking for an affordable solution to create a covered area on your property to block the sun and rain, an affordable metal carport from Top Rated Buildings could be just the ticket.

 Easily create an outdoor recreational area, a nice place to gather during picnics or barbecues, or somewhere to setup those messy projects you wouldn’t want inside and help minimize cleanup. In a pinch, a carport can become a mechanic shop or a pop-up arts and crafts studio. You could even make use of a cleverly installed carport to act as an awning or covered walkway for your home or office.

 Have a unique idea for how to make use of our metal carports? We’d love to hear it and see how we can work with you to make it a reality! Don’t delay, get in touch right away!

Horizontal Style Panel Detail

Regular Style & Boxed Eave

Vertical Style Panel Detail

Vertical Roof Style Only

Regular Style

Base Prices, Roof Only, 6′ Legs

Boxed Eave

Base Prices, Roof Only, 6′ Legs

Vertical Roof

Base Prices, Roof Only, 6′ Legs

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