As essential as having a safe place to park your vehicle is, our metal carports can do much more. If you are just looking for an affordable solution to create a covered area on your property to block the sun and rain, an affordable metal carport from Top Rated Buildings could be just the ticket.

 Easily create an outdoor recreational area, a nice place to gather during picnics or barbecues, or somewhere to setup those messy projects you wouldn’t want inside and help minimize cleanup. In a pinch, a carport can become a mechanic shop or a pop-up arts and crafts studio. You could even make use of a cleverly installed carport to act as an awning or covered walkway for your home or office.

 Have a unique idea for how to make use of our metal carports? We’d love to hear it and see how we can work with you to make it a reality! Don’t delay, get in touch right away!

Horizontal Style Panel Detail

Regular Style & Boxed Eave

Vertical Style Panel Detail

Vertical Roof Style Only

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are currently in the process of updating our pricing to reflect another recent industry-wide price increase of 20%. Please add 40% to the base prices below for an accurate estimate. As always, these prices vary by location due to local wind/snow requirements.

Regular Style

Base Prices, Roof Only, 6′ Legs

Boxed Eave

Base Prices, Roof Only, 6′ Legs

Vertical Roof

Base Prices, Roof Only, 6′ Legs

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